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Chilling True Tales - True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

Chilling True Tales - True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

I have loved the strange, creepy, paranormal and supernatural ever since I was a child having experienced it all my life. Ghosts, creatures, UFOs and more - you name it!

I have collected REAL stories from real people over the years about their experiences and with permission I am retelling them to you.

Recent Episodes

Chilling True Tales - Ep 38 - Kids See the Paranormal First

March 8, 2023

Childhood comes with many blessings, but it also comes with many burdens, Including being the first to see and experience the paranormal Is it because they are more innocent than adults? Or is it because they are easier to p…

Chilling True Tales - Ep 37 - My Other Haunted Home

Nov. 16, 2022

Another true story about another creepy haunted home I once lived in… Contact Us seekersosparanormal@gmail.com Check Out My Website! https://www.chillingtruetales.com If you like my work, buy me a coffee! https://www.buymeac…

Chilling True Tales - Ep 36 - Final Goodbyes

Oct. 20, 2022

On this episode of Chilling True Tales we ask, when people depart from this life are their last thoughts with their loved ones? And in the moments before they pass, do they try to say goodbye? Maybe these true stories will h…

Chilling True Tales - Ep 35 - Terrifying Stories

Sept. 29, 2022

Ghosts and ghost stories… They’re fun to share and they creep us out... But sometimes we forget that the people who experienced them were absolutely terrified Do you want to be terrified too? If you love the show please nomi…

Chilling True Tales - Ep 34 - Who's Watching Who?

Sept. 8, 2022

I Know I’ve asked questions like this before, but are we the ones observing our world, or are we the ones being watched by ghosts as intruders from an alternate world? Each day we creep closer to the answer with real evidenc…

Chilling True Tales - Ep 33 - My Haunted Home

Aug. 18, 2022

My own true story about a home I once lived in and later learned was haunted... If you like my work, buy me a coffee! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sosparanormal Contact Us seekersosparanormal@gmail.com Check Out My Website! …

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Hi everyone, just need to apologise for not getting new eps out in a timely manner. My computer hard drive crashed and i didnt have everything correctly …

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I had fun making the latest episode, and thanks to listener contributions from people just like you guys, I can provide these creepy stories!

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