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Having had so many paranormal and strange experiences as a child that just couldnt be explained, I quickly developed a fascination with the other realms.

I realised that sometimes I could see things that not everyone could see.

And I realised that I could sense things from objects, people and places that other people just didn't seem to understand.

As a result I grew up into an adult for whom the paranormal was just a common occurrence every day, and I was surprised to learn that not everyone was the same!

As time went on, maybe my love of 'walking in two realms' drew many people to me who shared their true stories and experiences about things they couldn't understand like ghosts, creatures, demons, cryptids, UFOs and more - you name it.

I have compiled these REAL stories from REAL people over the years and very soon I decided that collecting them was not enough.  In my opinion, stories that are not shared are wasted, and so with permission I am retelling these stories to you to share my love and fascination of the other realms...