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Enjoying this very much

I’m loving this podcast and was wondering if there will be any more episodes?


I love this stuff and so I have been listening to this podcast for weeks and I love it I have it playing when I’m sleeping but the only bad thing about this podcast is I wish it had more episodes in it but I love listening to this whole podcast when I can but mostly when I’m sleeping and doing chores

Love this podcast!

Everything I would hope for in a ghost stories podcast.. no chatter back and forth, just spooky eerie stories! Great narration! My only complaint is I wish there were more episodes. :)

Nice 👍

I love this pod but I am Christian so do not say swear words


Hey I’ve listened to this for three or four days and I have a story to share with you.

Absolutely amazing!!!!

I had an experience very terrifying to me in my parents house this show gives me goosebumps and tears. The feeling is just phenomenal! I want to share my story.


Everytime I see a new podcast episode released I shout "YESS!" I love how the stories are told, the odd sound effects in the background to bring the stories to life, how the podcast is layed out. Keep doing what you're doing! And thank you for what you're doing! Great way to take my mind off things and get spooked 👌👌

Love it

I love listening to this podcast when I’m doing chores. I like the narrator’s voice and appreciate that it’s not a podcast that has people calling in.

Love it!!

I’ve been binging this podcast since I found it! The host does a great job of delivering short and spooky stories! Hopefully more frequent episodes are in the near future!

Short and sweet scary stories 💀

I enjoy these short scary stories. Thank you for bringing them to us! 👻

Keeps me awake!

I love the podcast and the stories are creepy af, i cant listen to it late at night because it keeps me awake at night! Loving it!


I love this podcast!!! I mostly watch horror movies, shows, and music! So this podcast is perfect for me!🥳🤩🤪😜😋😛😝


This podcast is so good! I love it!

I love it

I love the show I think the podcast episodes could be longer


I really enjoy this podcast. It’s straight to the stories without all the chatter and laughing that takes away from the scary mood on other podcasts. The stories give me the heebie jeebies but my only dislike is the over use of the background sound effects mainly the gasping woman and the crying woman. Here and there they are great but not 5x in one paragraph. Overall I am enjoying binging all the episodes at work 😁

Where’s the rest?

I love the no nonsense approach to this podcast. Host has a great voice, maybe slow down just a bit but, really good. Love the content. What happened?! Where’s the rest of the episodes? Did you really stop after just 2? Please resume! This podcast WOULD become very popular if you give it a chance. There are too many "true ghost and paranormal" podcasts hosted by people who should really just hold their conversations privately. I don’t want to hear about his new baby or how her husband destroyed the car. We all appreciate your focus!!