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Dec. 21, 2020

Chilling True Tales - Ep 6 - Have you ever heard your name whispered in the Dark?

Chilling True Tales - Ep 6 - Have you ever heard your name whispered in the Dark?

More strange happenings with Chilling True Tales, real spooky stories, true ghost stories and things that happen when you mess with forces you don't understand.

Note: These true ghost stories will haunt you. They are all real life scary stories about paranormal encounters and paranormal activity that are unsolved and unexplained.

What makes these spooky stories even more terrifying is that they are 100% real and told to me by people who have experienced them.

People's names have been changed to protect identities but the locations and dates are correct.

Thanks for joining me at SOS Paranormal for our Chilling True Tales series.

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